Excutive Editorial Board

Dr. Salah Raza Saeed is a Professor, and  President of  Charmo University.  He is qualified BSc. (Physics) , MSc. Semiconductor physics, PhD Nanostructure and nanotechnology. Dr Salah  research  in the field of Nanostructures and  physical properties of polymers, and has several published articles in these fields.  [e-mail: salah.saeed@chwanarmouniversity,org]
Dr. Shwan K. Rachid is a Professor, and Vice President for Scientific Affairs at Charmo University , also he is Editor in chief  of NTR the scientific journal of Charmo University. He is qualified BSc. (Biology) Microbiology, MSc. Microbial Biotechnology, PhD Molecular Infection. Dr Shwan is an active researcher in the field of Infectious Diseases, and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and has several published articles in these fields. He is an active Associate Editor of Aro the Scientific Journal with a long experience in publishing and editing citified Journals. His h-index is (18). (see TAP). [e-mail: shwan.rachid@charmouniversity,org]

 Dr. Baram AHMED, Ph.D. in Organic and natural Product chemistry, assistant professor and vice-president at Charmo University, graduate from University of Louis Pasteur in France, doctorate thesis on June 2005, DEA in supramolculare chemistry on October 2002 and M.Sc. in Organic chemistry on September 1994 at University of Salahaddin-Erbil Iraq, lecturer and researcher since 1995. He spent 4 months sabbatical research in Michigan state university in USA and he published more than 11 paper in international journals, He has many joined projects with international universities such as UOK, HMU, MSU, Stockholm University and Yuzinc Yil University in Turkey.

Dr. Ali Wahab Kareem is assistant Professor and the Dean of the College of Education & Natural Sciences at Charmo 
University, he started teaching as instructor in Mathematic Department School of Science at University of Sulaimani from 2003-2005, he obtained both M.Sc. and PHD degree in Mathematics from Mathematical Sciences, Faculty Science,( Universiti Teknologi Malaysiya) Johor Bahru Malaysia. He gained a post Doctorate at UTM Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (UTM-CIAM) from 1 November, 2013 to July 2014.  Number of Publication with IF (ISI): (9) Google Scholar Page


Dr. Ibrahim Hamad is assistant professor in the Charmo Research Center at the Charmo University. He obtained his master degree in Biotechnology-MolecularBiology at Babylon University/ IRAQ in 2006. He also has a second master degree in Human pathology and Transmissible Disease at Aix Marseille University/France in 2010. He completed his PhD degree in the field of Bioinformatics and Environmental Metagenomics at Aix Marseille University/France in 2015. His research interests lie in the area of Metagenomics of the human intestinal tract and Bioinformatics. He is carrying out high-throughput analyses of.metagenomic data from the intestinal tract of human and nonhuman primates as well as generation and bioinformatic analysis of Illumina 18S rDNA, ITS PCR and metagenomics sequence data from Marine environment

Dr. Omed Mustafa is a lecturer in Charmo University and a researcher in the field of Karst Hydrogeology. He received his MSc. in Environmental Geology from Baghdad University, Iraq, in 2007. He was an assistant lecturer and researcher from 2007 to 2011, at Department of Geology, College of Science, Sulaimani University. He worked as a researcher at Twin River institute, American University (TRI-AUIS) from 2008-2011. From 2011 to 2015 he worked as a researcher in the Department of Hydrogeology, Institute of Geology, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, from which he received his Doctorate (PhD., Dr.rer. Nat.) in Hydrogeology (cum laude). In 2016 he joined the Charmo University, where he worked as a Head of General Science Department, College of Basic Sciences. Omed was participated in different national and international conferences and workshops (as a presenter) and he has different publications (Journal articles, conference papers and book chapters). He joined different training courses in his academic field and received certificates and awards. 


Dr. Dana Khdr Sabir is a lecturer as well as a researcher at the University of Charmo. He received his PhD in the field of Microbiology from the University of York/ United Kingdom (2015) and obtained MSc degree in the field of Biotechnology from the University of Essex/ United Kingdom (2007). His research interest is on the environmental biotechnology, and evolutionary microbiology. Particularly, investigating the mechanisms by which micrograms have evolved to utilize wide range of xenobiotics as this could lead to use microorganisms more efficiently to tackle environmental challenges.